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Your outsourced dental accounting department.

We act as your internal accounting department, just a little outside the office. You can count on us to:
•  Enter all data weekly
•  Reconcile all accounts monthly
•  Monitor for fraud using a 3-tier reconciliation
•  Provide timely, accurate, usable financials
•  Review financials and KPIs with you monthly on a shared desktop phone call. In these calls, we will create goals, review coding, discuss what the numbers mean, and more
•  Utilize industry benchmarks by specialty to compare your spending to your peers
•  Help with the bill pay process
•  Help with payroll
•  Reconcile and review employee benefits
•  Issue monthly custom proprietary Benchmarks Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports — we find these are more helpful to our doctors than financials with the easy to read red, yellow, green and report on both operational and financial data
•  Help with those miscellaneous government notices that show up in the office
•  Maintain bank readiness — Need a loan? You'll be ready on a moment's notice. NOTE: The ability to produce organized and timely financials can help reduce your interest rate!
•  Work with bankers and lenders to deliver all requested items

We do all this offsite, saving you on a fixed back office cost that can be hard to manage. When you sign up with Benchmarks, you will be assigned a dedicated, two-member dental accounting team consisting of a CPA or MBA level person as well as a bookkeeper level person.

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